Thanks for the game

JD Webster

Hello all, and thanks for the game.

I had never gamed out this introductory scenario, which was designed by someone else. So once we set up and got into it, I had to think pretty hard about how to do the fight and survive.

The scenario was written for the old quick start rules I think. Even so, I think it played well with the Tiger Wings rules. Thank you very much for the play testing and feedback guys.

I will offer more thoughts later, but I thought it was fun to watch how everyone handled this game.

Chad: I put Chad in "tactics school". We talked a lot about opening moves, and consequences of positioning. We talked a lot about how long we could twist with the Zeros and when to give up to regain energy. Because of the set up, I was "bait" from turn 1 and our opening strategy was to NOT press Zero 1, even though we had that possibility, and to neutralize Zero 2 from being a threat. Chad was the beneficiary of this "bait and trap" effort we made, getting in some decent shots but being denied hurtful damage by the dice.

Me: I never got to be truly offensive or shoot. My main effort was in coordinating our defensive moves to time the threat of my coming around for a shot so that it would keep the Zeros off balance and setting up Chad for shots. Chad got the only four shots of the game, so I think our strategy worked in that regard.

Bing: Mike was overly aggressive at the opening, pressing me for longer than I would have in his shoes. He risked the game for the Zero side because a better die roll from Wildcat 1 might have cut his maneuverability to the point where we could have run him down. He got wise after 6 turns and was quick to reposition.

Gary: I thought Gary was overly conservative when merging and overly enthralled by holding the heights. He was reluctant to let go of his height advantage and didn't seem to want to risk getting in our knickers to take shots. He played a safe and conservative game...but he could have pressed us much harder and worked for shots. The opportunities he had to mix into the fight did not come with guarantees of initiative wins or tailing, so almost predictably he would pitch back up for height.

Other than Bing being a bit too aggressive and flying into a sandwich at the start, i don't think very many tactical errors were made by anyone.